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 1, one from the local area network to the Internet, integrated services network to support the internal business and external customer service;
  2, the Organization will support the effective and uniform concentration and distribution, distributed organizations can support both the distributed network, but also data
  Centralized management to ensure that each unit with headquarters in the online institution, that is to run a separate off-line and can run, and therefore need to build efficient communication platform;
  3, from a recipient, transit, customs, into the pieces, back orders, the financial aspects of all operations;
  4, to achieve full control, tracking, real-time verification, intelligent alarm:
  5, the construction leader in decision support platform to effectively support the leadership of the decision-making inquiries;
  6, to achieve related financial and statistical statements;
  7, construction security system;
  8, providing a single Internet search service online POD.

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